कंपनी अधिनियम, 1956 की धारा 205-सी में निम्नलिखित राशि को उस स्थिति में इस निधि के क्रेडिट में अंतरण किए जाने का कथन है जब यदि ये निधियां जिस तारीख में पहली बार भुगतान के लिए देय हों उन तारीखों के लिए और बिना भुगतान किए पड़ी हों:-

  • amounts in the unpaid dividend accounts of companies;
  • the application moneys received by companies for allotment of any securities and due for refund
  • matured deposits with companies
  • matured debentures with companies
  • the interest accrued on the amounts referred to in clauses (a) to (d) above

It is also provided therein that no claims shall lie against the Fund or the Company in respect of such amounts and no payment shall be made in respect of any such claims.

Accordingly, unclaimed and unpaid amounts in respect of various Series of the Company's Domestic Bonds and its Public Deposit Schemes have been transferred to the said fund.

It is, therefore, regretted that NTPC would be unable to release payments/revalidate old Redemption/Interest warrants pertaining to those Series of Bonds/Deposits, which has been transferred to Investor Education & Protection Fund.

All our valued Bondholders/Depositors are requested to immediately submit their claims, if any, towards unclaimed and unpaid Domestic Bonds/Deposits and Interest Warrants etc. for which a period of seven (7) years have not yet elapsed from the dates they first became due for payment. In view of the prevailing laws and statutory provisions, the Company would not be in a position to entertain any claims received beyond the period specified.