NTPC is firmly guided by its philosophy that its core business of power generation is intricately intertwined with social and environmental growth. We at NTPC are dedicated to generating reliable energy at competitive prices in a sustained manner employing a mix of energy sources and using innovative eco-friendly technologies. Our policies and actions are geared towards adding to the country’s overall economic progress, uplifting the society at large and nurturing a greener planet.  NTPC is all about harmonising the 3Ps: People, Planet and Power.

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NTPC is committed to generating and providing reliable power at competitive prices in a sustainable manner by optimising the use of multiple energy resource with innovative eco-friendly technologies

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Health & Safety

The health and safety of its employees is NTPC’s top priority. The ultimate aim is to have no incidents that harm its people, neighbours or put its plants at risk.

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Health & Safety Snapshot
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sustainability reports

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