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NTPC runs a state-of-the-art Power Management Institute(PMI), at NOIDA. PMI has over the years trained a large number of professionals from NTPC, State Electricity Boards and other power utilities in the country. Also, PMI delivers programmes to Power Sector companies in the Gulf Counties at their locations and participants from South Asia, Gulf and African countries come to PMI for attending programmes.



With a wide range of expertise and experience acquired over the years, PMI offers programmes in the following categories:

  • Enhancing General Management Competence and Skills:
    The programmes included in this category develop the knowledge, attitude, behaviour and skills of the participants from the perspective of general management of the enterprise.
  • Enhancing Technical Expertise:
    These programmes are designed to enhance the operational excellence and to impart and augment technical skills and competencies to handle emerging technologies and practices. Courses certified by International bodies are also offered.
  • Upgrading Functional Skills:
    The programmes in this category cater to the functional areas of the organization like HR, Finance, Materials, Contracts etc.
  • Managing Information Technology:
    IT enablement is a key determinant of organization success and these programmes provide the required knowledge and skills.
  • Induction Level Training Programmes:
    A key area of expertise is the Induction level training programme for newly recruited executive trainees in Engineering, Chemistry, IT, Finance and Human Resources.
  • Employee Development Programmes:
    Programmes are conducted for the Supervisors and Workmen of our Corporate Centre Office in the areas of power plant familiarization, attitude, quality, finance and IT.

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