Scientific Support

Scientific Support to NTPC Stations and to other utilities including international ones (on chargeable basis for external utilities)

Scientific support is provided in the areas of:

  • Non destructive evaluation for health assessment and residual life assessment of plant components. NETRA has state of the art NDE facilities, expertise and provide advance scientific services to plants.
  • Recommendations for chemical cleaning of boilers and condensers, development of procedure and supervision during execution.
  • Corrosion analysis and control measures including following activities: corrosion audit, material selection, corrosion related failure analysis, acid dew point corrosion, design of cathodic protection systems, corrosion & fouling control of cooling waters, corrosion control of RCC structures, etc
  • Development of specifications and application procedure for new and maintenance coatings on power plant components
  • Support for analyzing boiler water chemistry and resin health analysis.
  • Analysis of high vibration problem and In-situ balancing of rotating equipment. Natural frequency test of Generator windings and L.P. rotor blades.
  • Detection of erosion and corrosion of LTSH/Economiser tubes.
  • Oil testing of all transformers for predictive maintenance
  • Advance failure analysis and root cause analysis of power plant components