Waste Management

NETRA is committed to developing new technologies for better utilisation & management of waste materials like effluent from power plant & municipal solid waste.

NETRA is engaged in the following key activities of research and technology development:

Near zero liquid discharge from power stations

Zero liquid discharge from power stations

The plant waste liquids are collected and disposed off by the stations. In the changing environment it is being emphasised that plants should adopt zero liquid discharge. Also availability of water and its rising cost are going to be a major constraint for the plants. Considering this NETRA is developing cost effective waste water recycling technologies by installing pilot demo plants at stations. Studies have been completed for two stations using Ultra filtration and Reverse Osmosis techniques.

Waste water treatment technologies

Waste water treatment technologies

The quality of raw water at some of the plants is very poor (almost diluted sewage). This water causes many operational problems such as fouling & corrosion of condenser tubes, poor quality of DM water, increase in boiler tube leakages, etc. Sewage treatment plants are installed at most of the power plants but many of them are not functioning well. Considering the scenario, NETRA has taken up the development of waste water treatment technologies situated to site as well as optimisation of sewage treatment plant operation.