New & Renewable Energy

NETRA is exploring better technologies to generate power from new & renewable sources so that dependence on fossil fuels can be minimised and carbon emissions are reduced.

NETRA is engaged in the following key activities of research and technology development:

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

NETRA has set up a Solar Energy Research Facility, in-collaboration with renowned domestic & international research institutes / organisations at NTPC - Greater NOIDA Site. The Centre has envisaged the following facilities aiming for excellence in R&D in solar energy application area:

  1. Solar Radiation Measurement Centre: One is at NTPC’s Greater NOIDA site and another is at NTPC’s existing power plant site based on remotely operated and monitored system.
  2. Prototype Evaluation Facility: First is the ‘Solar Thermal HVAC system’ for which work is in progress and the second is the ‘Solar Thermal R&D plant’ based on CSP Technology – being contemplated.
  3. Design and Engineering Centre for Solar Thermal Energy Utilisation: Presently equipped with ‘Optical Design and Simulation Software’ and ‘Solar Thermal Power Plant Simulation Software’.

Integrated biodiesel pilot plant to produce energy and biodiesel

Integrated biodiesel pilot plant

Technology for generation of biodiesel is known, however the conventional process utilises around 15% energy only from bio-fruit. NETRA has developed an integrated biodiesel pilot plant that utilises almost 80% energy content of the bio-fruit and also provides power for operating the biodiesel plant. Some excess energy can also be utilised from the integrated plant.

Experimental set up of Thermoelectric Generation for waste heat recovery from power plants

Thermoelectric Generation

Thermoelectric system constitutes of thermoelectric modules, which convert temperature differential into direct voltage, hot & cold side heat exchangers and balance of system. Thermoelectric power generation system is being developed to tap the low temperature waste heat (temperatures around 150° C) which is available in power plants and convert it into useful electricity. The concept is being tested in our experimental test facility, as well as in a pilot facility at a plant and shall be later on implemented in a plant at a larger scale. The system is highly modular and can be installed in a distributed manner.

Waste to Energy

NETRA is working towards technological and feasible options for converting Municipality Solid Waste (MSW) into energy. This initiative will not only reduce emissions and fossil fuel use under NTPC’s objective of controlling & reducing CO2 emission through increased use of renewable and alternate fuel but will also help to address the increasing waste management crisis for a sustainable development.