Services & Initiatives

Operation And Maintenance (O&M)

NTPC has consistent track record of high availability and plant load factor (PLF) across plants based on diverse technologies. NTPC has emphasized predictive & preventive maintenance systems to achieve this track record.

Services covered under Environmental Engineering and Management include the following:

  • Plant start-up including prescribing pre-operational checks
  • Station management services for Operation & Maintenance services for Coal based and Gas based, Combined Cycle plants 
  • Development of Operation and Maintenance Management Systems & computerization
  • Supervision of Equipment Repairs and Unit Overhaul 
  • Laboratory tests & field tests 
  • State-of-the-art Operation and Maintenance training for coal based and gas based units 
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization 
  • Condition Monitoring of critical equipment 
  • Fuel Management 
  • PG test/capacity test
  • Energy audit

Experience in Operation & Maintenance of other stations:

Sl.No.Client's NameName of the projectsServices ProvidedYear
139Jindal Power LtdRajgarh, ChattisgarhConsultancy Services for Inspection of Unit #1 Boiler of M/s Jindal Power Limited (JPL), Raigarh, Chattisgarh.2011
138MSPGCLKhaparkheda TPS & Bhusawal TPSConsultancy Services to MSPGCL for Commissioning Support during synchronization & PG Test witnessing for 1x500 MW Khaparkheda TPS & 2x500MW Bhusawal TPS2011
137Haldia Petrochemicals LimitedNaptha Cracker unit, HaldiaConsultancy Services to Haldia PL for Study of steam flow problem in Turbines of Naphtha Cracker Unit ,Haldia (WB)2011
136MSPGCLPower Stations of MSPGCLConsultancy services to MSPGCL for "O&M management support for implementation of Performance Improvement Plan".2011
135WBPDCLPower Stations of WBPDCLConsultancy services for “Setting up Maintenance Planning and operation efficiency Department at Power Stations of WBPDCL”.2011
134BPSCLBPSCL Plant, BokaroConsultancy services to BPSCL for performance improvement of various departments in BPSCL Plant, Bokaro2011
133ST-CMSST-CMS Electric Company Pvt. Ltd, NeyveliConsultancy Services to M/s ST-CMS Electric Company Pvt. Ltd, Neyveli for technical audit of Heat Rate Test & its Evaluation system2011
132NSPCL2X60 MW Durgapur TPSConsultancy services to NSPCL for deployment of OS expert for overhauling of APH of NSPCL-Durgapur (2X60 MW)2010
131IPGCL2X67.5 MW Rajghat TPSConsultancy services to IPGCL for conducting post overhaul performance / efficiency test of 2X67.5 MW units of Rajghat Power station2010
130WBPDCLFive Power stations of WBPDCL(Bakreshwar, Bandel, Kolaghat, Santaldih & Sagardighi stations)Consultancy services to WBPDCL for setting up of Maintenance Planning & Operation efficiency dept. at their Power stations.2010
129DVCFour Power stations of DVC (Bokaro-B, Durgapur, Mejia & Chandrapura)Consultancy services to DVC for Technical audit, Gap analysis and Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).2010
128APPCC445 MW & 370 MW Gas based Power Projects at Vemagiri & KonaseemaConsultancy services to APPCC for witnessing of Reliability capacity test of 445 MW & 370 MW Gas based Power Projects at Vemagiri & Konaseema2010
127MPPGCLBirsinghpur TPS, Satpura TPS, Amarkantak TPS & HQ (at Jabalpur)Consultancy services for site deployed experts for O&M management support for various units of Birsinghpur TPS, Satpura TPS Amarkantak TPS & HQ (at Jabalpur) of MPPGCL2010
126UPCL1200 MW UPCL Power ProjectConsultancy services to M/s Udipi Power Corporation for witnessing of Capacity test of 1200 MW UPCL Power Project2010
125GSECL75 MW Kutch Lignite TPSConsultancy services to GSECL for PG tests of U#4 (75 MW) of Kutch Lignite TPS2010
124APPCC1X500 MW Dr. Narla Tata Rao TPS, Stage IV, Vijaywada, APConsultancy services by deputauion of NTPC-OS experts to witness capacity test of Dr. Narla Tata Rao TPS, Stage-IV2010
123WBPDCL5 Power Stations of WBPDCLConsultancy services to WBPDCL for O&M Management support in Performance Improvement Programme at five stations of WBPDCL.2010
122GSECL1470 MW Wanakbori TPS & 870 MW Gandhinagar TPSConsultancy services to GSECL for Technical audit, Gap analysis and Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) of 1470 MW 2009
121GSECL374.571 MW Utran CCPP-IIWitnessing PG test for 374.571 MW Utran CCPP-II2009
120GSECL850 MW Ukai TPSConsultancy services for Technical audit of 850 MW Ukai Coal based TPS, Gujarat2009
119Abhijeet MNEPL4 X 61.5 MW units Consultancy services for development of O&M systems for its 4X61.5 MW units TPS2009
118HPGCL2 X 600 MW TPP, HissarConsultancy services for review of PG test Procedures / Reports and witnessing of PG Test at site for 2 X 660 MW RGTPP, Hissar2009
117UPRVUNLParicha TPSConsultancy services for Performance Improvement of Paricha TPS.2009
116WBPDCL5 Power Stations of WBPDCLConsultancy services to WBPDCL for Gap Analysis and Engineering declaration of BANDEL, BAKRESHWAR, KOLAGHAT, 2009
115MAHAGENCO250 MW Unit # 6, Parli TPS Consultancy services to MAHAGENCO for technical support to resolve turbine high vibration problem for 250 MW Parli-Unit # 62009
114RRVUNL250 MW Unit # 1, Suratgarh STPSConsultancy Services for carrying out tests for assesing Performance and Condition Monitoring of furnace, mills, APH and associated ducts, turbines and condensers of 250 MW Unit-1 of SSTPS, Suratgarh2009
113MPPGCL3 Power Stations of MPPGCLConsultancy services to MPPGCL for performance improvement of various units of Satpura, Birsinghpur & Amarkantak thermal power stations2009
112TVNL2 X 210 MW Tenughat TPSCosultancy Services for Performance improvement through O&M management support for effective O&M 2009
111MAHAGENCO7 Power Stations of MAHAGENCOConsultancy Services for Gap analysis and Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) (Koradi-7 units, Nasik TPS-5 units, Parli TPS-6 units, Chandrapur TPS-7 units, Bhusawal TPS-3 units, Paras & New Paras TPS-2 units, Khaperkheda TPS-4 units)2009
110RRVUNLGiral TPS at BarmerProviding of two nos experts for O&M support.2008
109APPGCLKothagudam TPSWitnessing of ESP PG test & review of PG test result.2008
108Penna Electricity Ltd.Penna Electricity Ltd, Ramanathapuram.Witnessing of capacity test.2008
107HPGCL Finalization of PG test procedure and witnessing/approval of PG test results.2007
106HPGCL250 MW,U-VII, Panipat TPSInvestigation regarding boiler tube failure2007
105HPGCLPanipat TPSEnergy audit2007
104Hindustan Zinc Ltd.Chanderiya PPTo carry out performance tests of CPP.2007
103APPCCRayalseema TPSDeputation of experts for witnessing the commercial operation of APGENCO TPS.2007
102RVUNLKota & Suratgarh TPSDevelopment of Integrated computerized plant mgmt. system.2007
101RVUNLDholpur TPSDeputation of NTPC experts.2007
100HPGCL250 MW Panipat TPS.Investigation regarding failure of boiler tube of U-VII.2007
99RVUNLGiral TPSDeputation of NTPC O&M experts2007
98UPRVUNL2 x 250 MW Parichha TPS extn.Augmentation of existing coal handling system2007
97APGENCO4 x 60 MW KothagudamTPS-ATo study Slag/Clinker formation in boiler2007
96Haryana Power Generation Corp. Ltd. (HPGCL)250 MW Unit-VII Panipat TPSInvestigation regarding failure of boiler tube2007
95JSW Steel Ltd.BellaryDeputation of turbine experts for LP Steam washes to 2 nos. turbine of 8 MW each2007
94APGCL272 MW Stage-1&2. Vijjesawaram GTPSPrep. of guide lines and examining generation details and calculations2007
93GMR Energy Ltd.680 MW Sidi Krir PP, EgyptDeputation of NTPC expert for assistance in due Diligence2007
92Vaishali Power Generating Co. Ltd. VPGCL2 x 110 MW, Unit-1&2 Muzaffarpur TPSRLA/CA/Refurbishment/R&M2007
91GSECL112.45 MW DhuvaranWitnessing and certifying performance guarantee test 
90UPLMathura RefineryTo carry out analysis of field data and recommendation for RLA of Boiler 2 & 3 
89UPRVUNL5 x 200 MW Obra "B" TPSSupervision of refurbishment works, re-commissioning, PG test and post award contract administration 
88TATA Power1 x 125 MW and 1 x 67.5 MW Jojobera Power Plant at Jamshedpur.Energy audit study.2006
87TNEBEnnore TPS.Deputation of turbine experts for revival of U-IV.2006
86YBAK of Saudi ArabiaPower plants of Saudi ArabiaEnergy audit of power plants of Saudi Electricity Company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.2006
85Andhra Pradesh Coordina-tion Committee370 MW CCPP at VimagiriWitnessing performance acceptance test of 370 MW CCPP at Vemagiri.2006
84APGENCO210 MW Rayalseema TPSTo study the vibration problem in TG set and TG foundation of 210 MW, Unit-22006
83DVC210 MW Mejia TPS.Helium leak detection test of condenser.2006
82Steag Encotec India210 MW GGSTP, at Ropar.Helium leak detection test of condensate system.2006
81APGENCOKottagundam TPS and Ramagundam TPSEnergy audit of auxiliary.2006
80HPGCL210 MW,Unit-5 Panipat TPS.Helium leak detection test of condenser .2006
79Essar Power Ltd.515 MW CCPP at Hazira.Review and audit of boiler water and CW water chemistry system2006
78DVCChandrapura TPSHelium leak detection test of condenser.2006
77SSNNL Selection of O&M contractor for SBC pumping scheme.2006
76KenGen.Kenya Electricity Gen.KIPEYU Steam plant Status of KIPEYU steam plant2006
75BESCLDurgapur Captive Power StationDeputation of a turbine expert.2006
74DVCU-3 of Bokaro”B”TPSTo carry out Eddy current test. for Condenser.2006
73HPGCLU-5 of 210 MW TDL TPS at PanipatTo carry out Dirty Air flow test.2006
72DVCU-3 of Bokaro “B” TPS.To carry out Eddy current test for Condenser2005
71HPGCLU-5 of 210 MW of TDL TPS at Panipat.To carry out Dirty Air flow test2005
70PFC165 MW CCPP of BSESKerala Power Ltd.Review of O&M expenses2005
69Arkay Energy Ltd.52.8 MW CCPP at
Witnessing capacity test2005
GAIL, Pata.Review of O&M procedures.2005
67Steag Encotech. India.276 MW AFAM Gas Based PP.Deputation of 2 O&M experts to Nigeria2005
66APGENCOU-1&4 OF Kothagundem TPSWitnessing PG test for ESP2005
65DVCU-3,140 MW DTPSHelium leak detection test of condenser,2005
64Ratnagiri Gas Power Pvt.Ltd.
2150 MW Dabhol CCPPConsultancy services for revival2005
63DVCBokaro-B TPS.Condenser leak detection & eddy current test for Bokaro-B TPS.2005
Zinc Ltd.
2 x 77 MW Chanderiya TPS.Witnessing of PG test of unit-1 of 2 x 77 MW Chanderiya TPS2005
61JSEBPatratu TPS.O&M and Matls. Mgmt. system for Patratu TPS.2005
60IPGCL67.5 MW Rajghat TPS.Overhauling of two units of 67.5 MW Rajghat TPS.2005
59Haryana PGCL210 MW Tau Devi Lal TPS.Condenser vacuum checking in 210 MW Unit-V.2005
58JSEBPatratu TPS,Unit-10Supervision services during re-commissioning of 110 MW Unit-10.2005
57ASEB4 x 60 MW Bongaigaon TPS.Suggesting measures for its full/partial revival of Bongaigaon TPS.2005
56Konaseema445 MW CCPPO&M , System development, Matls. Mgmt.,Financial system and computerization of the systems.2005
55BSEB2 x 50 MW & 2 x 110 MW Barauni TPSRLA/R&M/CA of Modern O&M practices for U-4 & 5 0f 50 MW each and U-6 & 7 of 110 MW each of Barauni TPS2005
54PSEB2 x 210 MW GGSSTPP at RoparRLA/R&M of Stage-I, U-I &II of 210 MW each including Coal Handling plant2005
53Aban Power Co. Ltd.120 MW CCPP at KaruppurWitnessing capacity test for 120 MW CCPP at Karuppur TPP2005
52Alsthom Power India Ltd120 MW Gandhinagar TPSPG test milling for 120 MW Gandhinagar TPS2005
51DVCBokaro"A" TPSRLA/PET/CA for Bokaro"A"2005
50TNEB107 MW CCPP at Kovikalappai.Hot gas inspection for 107 CCPP at Kovikalappai2005
49RCL52.5 MW Turbine condenser testingCondenser leak detection test with Helium for 52.5 MW Turbine condenser2005
48WBPDCL1 X 82.5 MW Bandel TPSRLA/CA/PET for 1x82.5 MW Bandel TPS.2005
47WBPDCL4 x 120 MW Santaldih TPSRLA/R&M of 4 x 120 MW Santaldih TPS2005
46DVC210 MW Durgapur TPSCondenser Leak Detection Test with Helium Gas for DTPS U-4 ( 210 MW)2005
45PSEBGuru Gobind Singh STPP at RoparHelium leak detection test of surface condenser.2004
44GMDC2 x 125 MW Akrimota TPS.O&M supervision of 2 x 125 MW Lignite based Akrimota TPS.2004
43APGENCO.Rayalseema TPS.Auxiliary power consumption audit at Rayalseema TPS.2004
42DVCChandrapura TPSDeployment of 4 'O&M experts for supervision of shift operation at Chandrapura TPS.2004
41R.K. Power Gen Pvt. Ltd25 MW Bio mass based pp at Hiriyur Assistance/ Guidance to O&M personnel and development of O&M system for 25 MW Biomass Based PP at Hiriyur Karnatka2004
40TNEB101 MW Kuttalam CCPP.Witnessing OG test for 101 MW CCPP at Kuttalam2004
39APGPCL272 MW Vijjeswaram CCPPSelection of O&M Contractor for 272 MW Vijjeswaram CCPP.2004
38APGPCL272 MW Vijjeswaram CCPP.Witnessing PG test on Plate type Heat exchangers for closed ckt. of cooling tower.2003
37APGENCOKTPSWitnessing PG test for U-6 of KTPS2003
36Essar Power Ltd.515 MW CCPP of EssarAuditing of electrical system at 515 MW CCPP of Essar Power Ltd.2003
35CESCBudge-Budge TPSStudy of OPMS system/practices at Budge-Budge Gen. Stn.2003
34TNEB95 MW Valuthur GTPPWitnessing PG test for 95 MW Valuthur GTPP.2003
33GSECL107 MW Dhuvaran CCPPWitnessing PG for 107 MW Dhuvaran CCPP.2003
32ASEB240 MW Bongaigaon TPSRLA for 240 MW Bongaigaon TPS2003
31JPL27 MW REWA TPSDeployment of O&M experts for Stabilizing 27 MW unit at REWA2003
30PSEBGuru Gobind Singh STPP at RoparImprovement of Heat rate for GGSSTPP at Ropar2003
29DVC3 x 57.5 MV BokaroA) - TPSR&M of Bokaro TPS-A(3 x 57.5 MW)2003
28GEB6 x 210 MW Wanakbori TPS.Development of O&M system, Computerization& Implementation for Wanakbori TPS.2003
27AP TRANCSO140 MW GT of BAPL CCPP.Witnessing Performance acceptance test on 140 MW GT of BAPL CCPP2002
26DVC140 MW Durgapur TPS,Unit-IIIConsultancy services and R&M of 140 MW Unit-III Durgapur TPS.2002
25Durgapur Projects Ltd.395 MW Durgapur TPSDevelopment of O&M and MMS and implementing O&M practice by deploying 10 experts for a period of 8-10 months at Durgapur TPS.2002
24PPN330 MW CCPPTechnical support for 330 MW CCPP. Review of PG test results.2002
23PPN330 MW CCPPIndependent engineer services for carrying out Revised capacity test of their 330 MW CCPP2002
22AP TRANSCO360 MW Kondapalli CCPPWitnessing Performance acceptance test of 360 MW CCPP at Kondapalli.2002
21Tanir Bavi220 mw Barge mounted CCPPReview of reliability test report, witnessing performance test and support DM plant modification for 220MW Barge mounted CCPP.2002
20DVC780 MW Chandrapura TPSRLA/R&M for 3x120MW + 3x140MW Chandrapura TPS2001
19GEB2 x 120 MW Gandhinagar TPSRLA/R&M for 2x120 MW Gandhnigar TPS2001
18Balaji power corp. pvt. Ltd.Samayanallur power projectIndependent services for witnessing rated capacity test & electrical system characteristic test on Samayanallur power project2001
17Tanir Bavi Power Company Ltd.220 MW Barge mounted PPIndependent Engineer to witness & certify the capacity test on 220MW Barge mounted power plant2001
16NASL4x50 MW Korba East TPS of CSEBO&M supervision2001
15Tanir Bavi Power Co220MW barge mounted power plant at MangaloreServices of a commissioning expert2001
14Mantech Synergies330 MW CCPP at Pillaiperumalnallur, Distt.- Nagapatnam, TNIndependent engineer services for witnessing rated capacity test on 330 MW CCPP2001
13APTRANSCO355 MW liquid fuel based CCPP at KondapalliWitnessing of PG test2000
12APGENCOESP unit-3 of KTPSThird party inspection of PG test on ESP2000
11UPRVUN Ltd.Fuel management system at various stations of UPRVUNCoal measurement system2000
10Thermax Ltd107 MW CCPP at KasargodPreparation of O&M proposal for 107 MW CCPP at Kasargod.2000
9U.P state Electricity Board.Panki Thermal Power Project.Supervision of acid cleaning process.1999
8TCP Ltd.63.5 MW Captive Power Plant.O&M Services.1998
7Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd.2X125 MW Surat Lignite Power Project.O&M services.1998
6Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board.Coal Measurement System at various stations of MPEB.Coal Measurement System.1998
5Damodar Valley corporation.Bokaro B Thermal Power Station.Consultancy services for Maintenance Management System.1994
4West Bengal state Electricity Board.Santaldih & Bandel TPSIntroduction Computer Aided Maintenance Management System1994
3Public Establishment of Electricity, Damascus, SyriaTishreen Power station.Testing and analysis of Boiler tube failures.1993
2Bharat Aluminum Company, India.4x67.5 MW BALCO Power Station.Operation & Maintenance for Twenty years.1987
1Central Electricity Authority, India705 MW Badarpur Thermal Power Station.Operation & Maintenance.1978

Operation and Maintenance Services – Tailored for International Clients

Primarily it is the operation and maintenance of the power projects which holds the key for being successful as an Independent Power Producer. NTPC with its proven world class track record of operating and maintaining the power stations and having provided this service successfully to many domestic clients is now positioned to offer this service to International clients through its International Cell. The O&M service has been tailored for international clients and consists of the following modules and sub-modules. However, this can be further tailored to meet any client’s expectations.