Chapter - IV


The Company has well defined procedures and guidelines for discharge of various functions. These are highlighted below:

  • Delegation of Powers:

    The Board of Directors has delegated power to the Chairman & Managing Director of the Company who in turn delegated power to the Functional Directors/ Officers of the Company at various levels for discharging their functions and responsibilities within the powers delegated to them.
  • Structured Policies and Guidelines:

    NTPC is having well structured policies and guidelines governing major activities of the Company. While discharging the functions, the officers follow these laid down policies and guidelines.
  • Manuals:

    NTPC has procedural manuals covering all important activities viz. Purchase Manual, Stores Manual, Handbook of site contracts, Insurance Manual, Accounts Manual, Human Resources Manual etc. These manuals ensure carrying of activities in a systematic and standardized manner and eliminate the scope of exercise of discretion. While discharging the functions covered by these Manuals, the officers follow the provisions of these Manuals.
  • Guidelines of Department of Public Enterprises

    NTPC being a Public Sector Enterprise follows the guidelines of Department of Public Enterprises and directives of Government of India issued from time to time.
  • Guidelines of Chief Vigilance Commission

    NTPC being a Public Sector Enterprise follows the guidelines of Central Vigilance Commission.
  • Listing requirement

    NTPC being a listed company complies with the provisions of listing agreements executed with the stock exchanges and rules and regulations of SEBI.
  • Compliance of provisions of Statutes, etc.

    While discharging the respective functions, officers are required to comply with the provisions of all applicable Statues and Rules and Regulations.