Recognitions & Awards

Quality Awards

  • Gen-X LQC of Korba Wins Gold Award in ICQCC 2018 +Click for details

    The Gen-X LQC of Korba has won gold award in International QC Convention (IEQCC 2018) being nd th held at Singapore from 22 to 25 October, 2018. Congratulations Team Gen-X Korba.

  • International Gold Star Award for Quality 2009 +Click for details
    Instituted by BID
    Shri D. K. Agrawal, General Manager (CenPEEP), NTPC received the award on 26th October, 2009 at International Quality Convention Geneva 2009. NTPC- CenPEEP received the international Gold Star Award for Quality 2009 in recognition of outstanding commitment to Quality contributing towards the success for India in the business world. This award is recognition of the pro-active work carried out by NTPC.  The objective of this award is to recognize the commitment of awarded companies by BID, a leading organisation of Europe focused on promoting the quality culture.