Power Generation

Turnaround Capability

Acquisition of existing power plants serves both NTPC's own commercial interests as well as the interest of the Indian economy. NTPC has successfully turned around the performance of four sub-optimally performing stations (Badarpur, Unchahar, Talcher and Tanda) over the years. This phenomenal improvement is nothing short of a miracle.


Badarpur (705 MW)


The expertise in R&M and performance turnaround was developed and built up by NTPC with the operational turnaround of Badarpur TPS through scientifically engineered R&M initiatives. The PLF of the power station improved from 31.94% at the time of the takeover to 53.13% for the year 2014-15.

Badarpur (705 MW)
Turnaround of Badarpur TPS


Unchahar (420 MW)


The Feroze Gandhi Unchahar Power Station was taken over by NTPC in 1992 by which the cash strapped UP State Electricity Board was rescued by the turnaround expertise of NTPC.

The remarkable speed and extent of the turnaround achieved can be seen in the table.

Feroze Gandhi Unchahar Power Station
Turnaround of Unchahar TPS


Talcher (460 MW)


We are very proud of the remarkable turnaround story of Odisha State Electricity Board’s plant at Talcher. It is equivalent to a fairytale no less. Taken over in June 1995, the table indicates the dramatic gains in the performance of the power plant as a result of NTPC’s expertise.

Turnaround of Talcher TPS


Tanda (440 MW)


Tanda Thermal Power Station was taken over by NTPC on the 15 January 2000.The PLF of the power station improved from 21.59% at the time of the takeover to 82.02% for the year 2014-15.

Tanda plant
Turnaround of Tanda TPS


While NTPC bettered PPA commitments, from the viewpoint of capital requirements, turning around such old units is a low cost, high and quick return option. This unprecedented success helped the concerned SEBs and the entire nation in terms of economy and power availability.