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Redefining Power Generation Landscape

08th Nov, 2016

Shri A. N. Jha, Secretary (MoEF) Ministry of Environment & Forest referred to the dilemma of NTPC as a responsible Power Generator to find ways of providing power to feed the development needs of 1.2 billion people of India and also ensuring minimum damage the environment while inaugurating NTPC’s Third International Technical Summit “Redefining Power Generation Landscape.” Shri Jha said Technology holds the prime space in all development initiatives and is the most appropriate theme. He praised NTPC’s contribution for improving the Carbon sink by planting 1 crore saplings.

Shri S. D. Dubey, Chairperson, CEA; Shri A. S. Bakshi, Member-CERC; Shri A. K. Singhal, Member-CERC Shri M. K. Iyer, Member-CERC; Senior officials of NTPC including CMD Shri Gurdeep Singh and International as well as Indian Delegates were present on the occasion.

In all, 275 papers have been received for the Summit, out of these 71 papers have been selected for Presentation, which includes 41 International papers from developed countries of the world. All papers have been summarised in Compendium released during inauguration ceremony. Conference is largely paperless with all technical papers received and processed electronically and Compendium released in the electronic format for all the delegates.

Shri S. D. Dubey, Chairperson – CEA in his address said technology imperatives of the Power Industry in India is to be able to drive sustainable growth while reducing the Carbon footprint and pursuing the best possible cost effective technologies to provide efficient, reliable and economically viable Energy to support the GDP growth.

Shri M. K. Iyer, Member-CERC appreciated the theme of the summit, especially the concept of 5R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Renewable, Retrofit and Rebuild in the context of the current challenges of Climate change and global warming. He emphasized the need to ensure induction of cost efficient Technologies to speedily address the challenge of reducing global emissions with minimal additional burden to the consumer.

Shri Gurdeep Singh, CMD,NTPC spoke about maintaining NTPC’s market leadership in the Power Sector through increase in Renewable portfolio while optimizing the operations of existing Fossil fuel fleet. He informed that more than 90% of NTPC’s current coal based capacity addition are low carbon footprint, high efficiency and SC/USC units. He stated that NTPC’s commitment to add 10 GW solar energy out of GOI’s overall commitment of 100 GW (Solar) is well on target for 2022.

Shri A. K. Jha, Director (Technical) in his address spoke of perspectives for NTPC in the Indian Market context and informed that although India is likely to meet the long term IEA projections on Energy Demand & Supply, the current mid-term will see a substantial increase in Coal based Generation in addition to Renewables.

The ceremony was followed by a panel discussion on “The Shifting Energy Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities”, with Eminent speakers from IEA, Paris; First Solar, USA; GE, Switzerland; Steag, Germany and from Indian Power Sector.

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