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Pilot Plant to Mitigate Co2 with Micro Algae at NTPC-Faridabad

21st Nov, 2013

NTPC and IOCL have set up pilot plant for Bio-fixation of CO2 from the flue gas through micro algae at NTPC Faridabad. Two conjoining algae ponds of area have been constructed to draw CO2 from stacks at the project. The inoculation in small pond was done earlier in the month and in bigger pond today to generate micro algae much ahead of the targeted date of Jan’2014.

Pilot Plant to Mitigate Co2 with Micro Algae

This project is part of NTPC’s plan to meet environment challenges of 21st century and beyond where the company plans to adopt latest environment practices and protection systems to minimize the impact of power generation on environment. CO2 is a major green house gas contributing to more than 50% to the total predicted warming of the earth’s atmosphere.

NTPC is pursuing the objective of environment protection as one of its prime responsibilities and focuses its efforts to mitigate the impact of its operations on surroundings. Around 12-15 % of the project cost is spent on various environment protection equipments.

IOCL (R&D Unit) and NTPC signed an MOU in February 2010 for research in this field with the setting up of algae ponds at NTPC gas project in Faridabad.

Technical support for the project has been provided by IOCL (R&D Unit) Faridabad and NTPC scientists from NETRA.

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