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NTPC Swarn Shakti Awards Over all Champions Trophy for Ramagundam

02nd Jul, 2011

The goals of an organization are achieved by concerted efforts of all its employees, in a multi project organization like NTPC, Swarn Shakti Awards are given annually to Projects to motivate employees to perform better.

The awards are given in the areas of Productivity, Safety, Employee Relation, Protection and Improvement of Environment, Rajbhasha, Best Health Facilities, CSR & Community Development and Project Management Award. The awards were given to the Business Unit Head of Projects and Regions by Shri Arup Roy Choudhury CMD NTPC and Directors of the Company in New Delhi today for the year 2009-10.

The winners in trophy in the area of Productivity was given to Ramagundam and with Simhadri as runner up; Rajbhasha Award was won by Dadri and runner up was Ramagundam; Employee Relations Award was bagged by Ramagundam followed by Korba; Safety Award major project category went to Talcher Thermal followed by Ramagundam; Safety Award gas based category went to Auriaya followed by Jhanor Gandhar. Ramagundan received the Protection of Environment Award in coal based category followed by Unchahar; in the Gas Based Station this award went to Dadri followed by Kayamkulam; Singrauli was the winner in the Best Health Services category with Korba as the runner up. Project Management Award has been bagged by Vindhyachal followed by Rihand ; CSR & CD Award has been bagged by Ramagundam and runner up was Dadri project.

Swarn Shakti Awards

The overall Champions Trophy of NTPC Swarn Shakti Awards being presented for NTPC Ramagundam to Shri AN Dave, RED (CA & ED to CMD)who was RED (South in 2009-10), Shri J Nanda RED(South) and Shri Y. V Rao, GM(Ramagundam ) by Shri Arup Roy Choudhury, CMD NTPC in presence of Directors of the Company.

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