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14th Nov, 2011

NTPC Ltd will carry the flag of India at the Global level in the Global Management Challenge Trophy (GMC) to be held at Kiev, Ukraine in April 2012. The Global Management Challenge is the largest Strategy and Management Competition in the world. At present there are 34 countries from across the world to participate in the contest. Some of the countries are Australia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Singapore and United Kingdom.

The Team from NTPC Ltd , represented by Shri Ashish Aggarwal, Sr. Finance Office, Shri Gaurav Gulati, Sr. Accounts Officer, Shri Munesh Sharma, Sr. HR Officer and Shri K.M Prashanth, DGM(Corporate Communication) , qualified at the Preliminary Round, Regional Final and Grand Finale and were declared National Champions in the fiercely competitive National Final of the National Management Games(NMG) 2011. It is heartening to mention that 118 teams participated in NMG 2011 from all over the country.

The top two teams (NTPC Ltd and IOCL Ltd) of NMG 2011 competed with teams from New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Macau etc in the Asian Management Games(AMG) held online on October 2011. In the international competition of AMG, NTPC team did well and qualified from Asia to represent India at the Global Level.

Global Management Challenge (GMC) is a strategic management competition for Corporate Executives. Participants form teams of 4 members, and each team is placed in a group of 5-8 teams, depending on the round of the competition. The teams are then given a virtual company, initially identical to every other company in the competition. Each team then develops their company by making a series of decisions relating to every aspect of the business, such as how many machines to buy, or how much to spend on advertising. In each round, various decisions are taken, corresponding to each quarters. A quarter is a period said to span three months.

These decisions - made on the Decision Sheet - are run through sophisticated business simulation software, which generates in-depth Management Reports, showing the consequences of the decisions. The aim is to finish the game with the highest share-price on the virtual stock exchange.

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