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NTPC installs Robotic Dry Cleaning System for Solar PV Plant at NTPC Dadri

23rd Feb, 2017

Robotic Dry Cleaning System for Solar panels at Solar PV plant at NTPC Dadri was inaugurated by Shri A. K. Jha, Director (Technical), NTPC Limited in presence of Shri D.K. Sood, RED (DBF) & ED (CSR/R&R) and Shri S. K. Sinha, GGM (Dadri) and other senior officials of NTPC today.

The system is first of its kind in India having several unique features such as robo operation with seasonal tilt, energy independency, remote monitoring & management, self-cleaning mechanism etc. which makes it suitable for remote solar sites.The system aims at conserving water along side reducing power generation loss due to soiling to the extent of 3-4%.

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