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NTPC Family Members Extend all Possible Assistance for Unchahar

08th Nov, 2017

Airlifting of the injured for the best available medical treatment, donating blood to patients and helping the victims with the physical presence of employees, NTPC family is extending all possible support to those affected by the accident that took place in NTPC- Unchahar on November 1, 2017.

NTPC has extensively used 13 trips of air ambulances and 2 trips of Indian Air Force planes to take the injured to Delhi at the best of the treatment available in the country . For speedy road transportation of the victims, green corridors were created 24 times for evacuation of patients from the crowded areas of Lucknow city.

In this hour of crisis state Government and district administration and their staff fully supported NTPC in rehabilitating the accident victims in the shortest possible time, be it in transporting the patients, creating green corridors and also in airlifting the patients to Delhi.

Over 200 NTPC family members from Lucknow, Unchahar and Delhi have voluntarily made themselves available round the clock for deployment at hospitals, control rooms and looking after patients & families of those affected. These control rooms are working round the clock. All hospitals are also provided with 24 hr help desks in order to exclusively cater to helping the patients.

Thirty six NTPC employees have donated blood as required at [Apollo 24, AIIMS 5 , RML 3 and SGPGI 4] various hospitals in Delhi and Lucknow.

NTPC is taking help of specialist doctors and para medical staff to help in speedy recovery of those in hospitals. NTPC doctors are also associating in the efforts for all-round coordination.

Family members of those under treatment have been accommodated in NTPC guest houses and vehicles for transport have been provided to them.

At NTPC Human Capital is precious in terms of both sensitivity and productivity and gets priority above and over anything in the organization.

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