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17th Jul, 2012

NEW DELHI: NTPC CMD Mr. Arup Roy Choudhury made a strong presentation at the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum highlighting the concerns and priorities of India. He dispelled the impression among foreigners that India had been plagued by corruption and underlined that the Indian corporates have been practicing foolproof corporate governance.

The Forum was attended by CEOs from Fortune 500 companies, heads of leading NGOs, topmost financial consultants and bankers among others. The Forum was organized by United Nations Global Compact at Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil from June 16 to June 18, this year prior to the Government level special session of the UN General Assembly.


Addressing the session dedicated to ‘Anti Corruption Risk Assessment’, Mr. Roy Choudhury effectively dispelled the apprehension about India being seen as plagued by corruption. He stated that decision making has inherent issue of a) misperception b) mistakes made bonafide, and c) malafides. He emphasized the need to distinguish among the three and brought to light the fallacy of clubbing mistakes and misperceptions with malafides.

He also elaborated on the strong corporate governance structures available in the Indian companies like NTPC and their effectiveness in ensuring transparency, equal opportunity, fairness and accountability. His speech was well received and he was one of the most sought after speakers for interaction during the session.

In the very important session on ‘New Geographies of Corporate Sustainability’, he highlighted the need for ensuring sustenance and equity and thereby taking care of the ‘social’ and ‘economic’ bottom lines among the three bottom lines of sustainability which also includes the ‘environmental’ bottom line. This was in line with the negotiating brief of India which put equity at the top of the country’s Rio agenda.

During the programme, Mr Roy Choudhury also took upon the responsibility of representing the State Owned Enterprises as Chairman SCOPE and highlighted the contribution of the Public Sector Enterprises in terms of the triple bottom line as well as anti-corruption.

His interaction with delegates from developed countries as well as from the Afro-Asian regions helped highlight India’s position as also that of the developing countries of the world. Befittingly, he was accorded a very prominent table at the high powered concluding session inaugurated by the Queen of Sweden and attended by a number of Prime Ministers.

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