Environment Policy & Management

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Creating carbon sinks in line with INDC-2030 NTPC planted 10 million trees in FY16-17, adding to 22 million planted in past around its power stations.

At NTPC, all our activities and operations are guided by sound environmental practices, second to none. Right from its inception, the company has a well defined environment policy. It is committed to protecting the fragile ecology as well as ensuring a sustainable growth of power. It is passionate about ensuring a clean environment for all of us and future generations.

National Environment Policy

Environment Policy

The Union Ministry of Environment & Forests and the Ministry of Power and NTPC were involved in preparing the draft Environment Policy which was later approved by the Union Cabinet in May 2006.

NTPC Environment Policy

“Going Higher on Generation, lowering Green House Gas Intensity” is our vision statement on managing our environment. Since the genesis of the company, NTPC has led from the front on this issue. In November 1995, NTPC brought out a comprehensive document entitled ‘NTPC Environment Policy and Environment Management System’. Amongst the guiding principles adopted in the document are the company's pro-active approach to environment, optimum utilisation of equipment, adoption of latest technologies and continual environment improvement. The policy envisages new technology initiatives and efficient utilisation of resources, thereby minimising waste, maximising ash utilisation and ensuring a green belt all around the plant for maintaining ecological balance. We do not rest on our laurels and our work in this crucial and challenging issue is an ongoing one where we are constantly striving to reduce our impact further. We aim to be a global leader in environmental standards and practices.

Environment Management, Occupational Health and Safety Systems

NTPC has actively gone for adoption of the best international practices on environment, occupational health and safety areas.  Providing its employees with a safe working area is the primary concern of the management. NTPC recognises and accepts responsibility for establishing and maintaining safe & healthy working areas for all concerned.

The organisation has pursued the Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001 and the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System OHSAS 18001 at its different establishments. As a result of pursuing these practices, all NTPC power stations have been certified for ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 by reputed national and international certifying agencies.

Pollution Control Systems

Right from the planning stage, all our plants have provisions for pollution control incorporated into their blueprints. In order to ensure that NTPC complies with all the stipulated environment norms, following state-of-the-art pollution control systems / devices have been installed to control air and water pollution:

  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Flue Gas Stacks
  • Low-NOX Burners
  • Neutralisation Pits
  • Coal Settling Pits / Oil Settling Pits
  • DE & DS Systems Cooling Tower
  • Ash Dykes & Ash Disposal Systems
  • Ash Water Recycling System
  • Dry Ash Extraction System
  • Liquid Waste Treatment Plants & Management System
  • Sewage Treatment Plants & Facilities
  • Environmental Institutional Set-up

Following are the additional measures taken by NTPC in the area of Environment Management:

  • Environment Management During Operation Phase
  • Monitoring of Environmental Parameters
  • On-Line Data Base Management
  • Environment Review
  • Up-gradation & Retrofitting of Pollution Control Systems
  • Resources Conservation
  • Waste Management
  • Municipal Waste Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Bio-Medical Waste Management
  • Land Use / Bio-diversity
  • Reclamation of Abandoned Ash ponds
  • Green Belts, Afforestation & Energy Plantations