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“Plants and waters are treasures for generations.”  - Rig Veda Samhita. We follow the sound advice of our ancient scriptures and carry out our business activities with a deep sense of responsibility. NTPC is passionate about the environment and pro active in its approach in ensuring a greener tomorrow.  We have planted more than 20 million trees nationwide and the mission continues. NTPC was the first among power utilities in India to start Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) studies and reinforced it with Periodic Environmental Audits and Reviews.  A Greener India and an Empowered India walk hand in hand towards the goal of a resurgent India.

Environment Policy and Management Snapshot

Environment Policy and Management

For NTPC, the journey extends much beyond generating power. Right from inception, the company had a well defined environment policy.

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Ash Utilisation

Ash utilisation is one of the key concerns at NTPC. The Ash Utilisation Division, set up in 1991, strives to derive maximum

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Ash Utilisation Snapshot
CenPEEP Snapshot


Towards reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission from Indian thermal power plants, NTPC has been promoting

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Afforestation Snapshot


Maintenance of ecological balance and a perfect environment has been of utmost importance at NTPC. Environment

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