Training & Development

The company takes immense pride in its employees who are its greatest asset. NTPC subscribes to the belief that efficiency, effectiveness and success of the organisation depends largely on the skills, abilities and the commitment of the employees. Therefore, a lot of emphasis is laid on the training and development of employees.

In line with its objective of being a learning organisation, the company has continuously focused on training and development of its human resource. NTPC’s view of employee development has a very wide perspective and is not constrained to job related inputs alone.

Training Infrastructure

NTPC’s training policy envisages minimum 7 man days of training per employee per year. Our philosophy is to develop our own training systems and deliver training internally as far as possible. Hence, NTPC has developed its own training infrastructure, which comprises of –

  • Power Management Institute– It is the apex training institute of NTPC located in NOIDA, close to the company headquarters, it houses a world class training infrastructure. It has two residential hostels with internet broadband facility in each room. PMI has multiple training and conference rooms fitted with the latest audio visual training aids. The PMI auditorium has a seating capacity of 300 and hosts many conferences at national and international level.

    PMI comes equipped with an indoor badminton court, swimming pool, tennis court and gym for use of participants. The Institute has a dedicated faculty and organises training and conferences for NTPC and other companies as well.

  • Employee Development Centres- Employee Development Centres (EDCs) are located at all NTPC projects and stations and take care of training needs of employees at the unit. They have a similar infrastructure as that of the PMI and have a dedicated staff of 150 employees across NTPC. EDCs serve to meet the training needs that can be catered to locally.

  • Simulator Centres - NTPC is the proud owner of three simulator training centres, for coal based sub-critical and super-critical plants, which are the amongst the best in the country.Our sub-critical simulators are at Korba (Chattisgarh) and Super Critical Simulators are at PMI, Noida and Sipat (Chattisgarh) . In addition sub-critical simulators are being installed at Solapur (Maharastra) . These simulator centres are meant to give experience of operating a power plant to our engineers. NTPC also extends this facility to many other organisations in power industry or equipment manufacturers who send their employees for training at our simulator centres.

  • On-line training facility - PMI has leveraged IT driven platforms like e-Learning, Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing to provide training at the desktops of its employees. With the acquisition of the latest version of the Web-conferencing software, it is possible for faculties to conduct classes sitting at their own workplace anywhere in the world.

Planned Interventions

To address organisational issues and goals in order to increase performance of its employees, NTPC has a set of planned interventions designed for each stage in a person’s career. Each of these is a custom made, medium term training programme, specifically designed to give developmental input at a particular stage in the person’s career.